13 minutes | Mar 15, 2020

The Notorious RBG

Dissenters everywhere! Join us in wishing Ruth Bader Ginsburg a very happy 87th birthday! Andrew & Polly find some exceptionally aware kids to go on at length about the Supreme Court and it’s most Notorious justice, along with a new single from the Joanie Leeds joint All the Ladies entitled (you guessed it) “RBG” Thanks to Darius, Lucy, and young podcast mogul Nate (who also made an episode about the supreme court with NPR’s Nina Totenberg) for joining the celebration and sharing what they know about our justice system. Thanks to the ineffable Lucy Kalantari, producer of the RBG song, and songwriter/performer Joanie Leeds for creating an ode to such a swell lady. The two children’s books mentioned in this episode are pictured below. To find out more or to be on the show, visit www.earsnacks.org
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