19 minutes | Feb 6, 2020

Episode 26: Tempo!

Come in, come in! We’re playing around with the speed of music! In the fourth episode about clocks, we give our metronomes a workout — this episode is designed for kids to experiment with the playback speed function on most podcast players, inviting them to adjust the speed of the our music & conversation from 1x to 2x to 1/2x. We introduce the basics of musical tempo, figure out how to tap along to Parry Gripp’s pleasantly danceable 136 bpm tune Pancake Robot, and wonder why super-slow-moving things always find themselves in a molasses analogy. Thanks to Parry Gripp for contributing Pancake Robot to our family’s dance playlist, to regulator clock expert Johnny Flower for chiming in about the speed of clocks, to Izzy for not being bored very often, and to all you parents and siblings out there willing to let a small human mess with the speed of this podcast. We’re putting out a final call to kids who want to share their thoughts about The Future. To find out more or to be on the show, visit www.earsnacks.org
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