28 minutes | Jan 30, 2020

Episode 25: How Time Feels with Story Pirates & The Pop Ups

Do you want 5 more minutes? In our third episode about clocks, Andrew & Polly ask kids how rushing and waiting feel different, challenge Jason Rabinowitz of The Pop Ups to a clock scavenger hunt around Brooklyn, and spin some yarns with Story Pirates co-founder Lee Overtree about how time feels when you're in a story. Thanks to Gimlet Media & The Story Pirates for sharing some time with us. You can find their podcast, Cement Dude and other ridiculous tunes on their album Backstroke Raptor, and you can submit stories you've written at www.storypirates.com Thanks to Team Rabinowitz for taking minutes out of their busy morning commute to scavenge the streets of Brooklyn for clocks! You can find Time and other dance-y science-y songs at www.thepopups.com To find out more or to be on the show, visit www.earsnacks.org
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