22 minutes | Jan 8, 2020

Episode 24: The Clockmakers of London

Why do some clocks tick and tock? Why doesn’t Polly’s watch sound like Maria’s watch? In our second Clocks episode, three intrepid Ear Snacks foreign correspondents invite us on a journey to jolly old England to find out what makes clocks tick! We learn the story of the word “clock”, how pendulums and other parts move inside a clock, and how the invention of clocks that work on boats changed the world. Our pal Eilis Cahill has tea and steps INTO a clock in John Kendall’s Number Four clock repair shop. Andrew’s parents travel to the English countryside to visit Johnny Flower, a regulator clock expert who lives in a house full of clocks. And our pal Eliza Gregory pokes around the oldest collection of clocks and watches in the world in the Clockmakers’ Museum inside of London’s Science Museum. Please take a minute to fill out the Kids Listen Listener Survey! For more information or to be on the show, visit earsnacks.org
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