17 minutes | Dec 12, 2019

Episode 23: Clocks

What is a clock? How long is a minute? Are all clocks and all minutes the same? In the first episode of our epic exploration of timekeeping, Andrew & Polly examine Reggio Emilia-educator Maria/Julita’s oddly shaped Salvador Dali-designed watch. Why are most clocks round? Why would someone make a watch that is not round? Thanks to Matteo, Malcolm, Cadence, Adelyn, Keira, and Izzy (and their parents!) for taking the time to tell us what they know about time, the insides of clocks, ways to tell time, and how different amounts of time can feel. In the near future, we’ll be joined by these same friends along with a wide range of other “experts” to think about where we keep time, how we keep time, what has happened - and what might.  
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