61 minutes | Oct 15th 2020

Episode 20: Bratzo Horruitiner and Mike Richards / My Future Pathways

On this episode, Bratzo Horruitiner of My Future Pathways joins Mike Richards of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health to discuss some of the amazing opportunities that MPF is giving to the youth of our valley, as well as some of the scholarships and loan re-payment programs available to those who are committed to helping continue to give back to the overall health and well being of this community.  During our conversation we talk about some of the ways that MFP addresses helping our first generation student population thrive in this valley, the specific differences sometimes needed in dealing with young boys and the way they learn and communicate, what it's been like to watch this small valley grow and heed the call to helping those in need, the benefit of having mentors, and the advice to those young people who are trying to find their own path.  

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