33 minutes | Feb 18, 2021

"Coaching Call" Session with Penn State Softball's Dani Fey

On today's bonus episode of the Dynamic Leaders Podcast, Colin is joined by Penn State Softball player Dani Fey. Dani and Colin run through a "Coaching Call" session in which the listeners get to hear what a 1:1 session with the Talent 409 Leadership Academy is like! Take a listen to hear Dani talk about her goals for the 2021 season, why she wants to be an All-American player, what type of leader she is, and the culture she wants to leave Penn State Softball with after she graduates.   Today's podcast is featuring a Charlotte-area business, Two Scoops Creamery. Two Scoops has multiple locations throughout Charlotte and is known for its 30+ flavors of ice cream. The ice cream is delicious and the atmosphere is compelling. Go support Two Scoops in Charlotte and "treat yo self" to something sweet!


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