52 minutes | May 10, 2021

EP09 - Maximizing Your Insurance and Benefits Journey

The Dynamic Business Leaders Podcast presents Doug Foreman and Tina Craft of Fringe Benefit Plans as this week's guest.Having served the Central Florida area as a family organization since 1969, Fringe Benefit Plans is no stranger to our community. The current CEO, Doug Foreman, is the son of the founder and is carrying on a tradition of three generations in the life and health insurance industry. He is also a past President of the Central Florida Society of Financial Service Professionals. Currently, he serves on the Board for the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Orlando.Our other guest is Tina Craft, who works alongside Doug in the Vice President of Sales's capacity. Tina contributes over 20 years of employee benefits experience focused on innovative strategies and solutions that help employers achieve financial and human capital goals and objectives.Together Doug and Tina specialize in developing creative solutions for their clients by using insurance products on a tax-favored basis to maximize value and minimize cost. Do you know?Doug is a third generation in insurance and born and raised in Orlando?Join Roy, Doug, and Tina on an intriguing journey starting from Doug's early days to him taking over the family business, growing Fringe Benefit Plans to Tina joining the firm, their unique approach, and their "WHY." Tune in now to hear Doug share why he decided to remain a private enterprise while others sold out to private equity firms and why both he and Tina are committed to servant leadership.BONUS: Be sure to get in touch with Tina to be added to Fringe Benefit Plans' communication campaign, which is filled with education for both the employer and the employee.About Fringe Benefit PlansFringe Benefit Plans is a comprehensive financial services firm specializing in employee benefit programs, executive benefits, and insurance. They provide complete services and products for individuals, families, businesses, and their employees. Get in touch with Doug Foreman:LinkedInPhone (407) 862-5900Email: doug@fbplans.comWebsite: www.fbplans.comGet in touch with Tina Craft:LinkedInPhone (407) 960-7742Email: tina@fbplans.comWebsite: www.fbplans.comIf you enjoyed this episode of the Dynamic Business Leaders Podcast, then be sure to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform.Check out our website here, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.The Dynamic Business Leaders Podcast is brought to you by Aurora InfoTech, A Cybersecurity Firm catering to the information security needs of small to medium-sized businesses.
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