57 minutes | Jan 14, 2021

EP.04 - If The Dream Is Big Enough, The Facts Don't Count

In this episode, I interview Eric Shulman, a serial entrepreneur with a 50-year career in sales and building businesses. Eric started, grew, and ran five different businesses, including a Sandler Franchise where he was a Sandler Trainer for over 20 years before selling it in 2019. He's consulted with well over 7,000 owners in 400 different industries from NY and Boston to Florida and California.His latest brainchild is "An INSIDE Man," where he helps business owners set up their business for an eventual sale by improving their sales, operations, and other functions that can cost a Zero when they do eventually sell their business.Lots of great sales tips, advice, and life experiences shared by an award-winning Sandler Trainer:Guinea Pigs and a Bale of HayEverything You're Currently Doing in Sales is WRONG!Helping Business Owners See Their Business More ClearlyIt's Good to Know What You Don't Know!Getting from Good to Great Requires ChangeLearn to Win by First Learning to FailGet Yourself a Forensic Sales AuditEric's Dream BoardSchedule a Free Business Clarity Conversation with Eric Shulman; you could profit from his ideas and contacts and avoid business mistakes you haven't even made yet!Eric Shulman, An INSIDE ManEmail: Eric.InsideMan@gmail.com Website: www.AnInsideMan.comPhone: (321) 301-5700
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