56 minutes | Dec 16, 2020

EP.03 - No One Is Ever Going To Pay You What You're Worth

In this episode, I interview John Will Tenney, co-founder of EmployerNomics, a nationally franchised HR brokerage. John has a stellar resume that spans many different industries: he's a former software engineer, professional musician, commercial airline pilot, and flight instructor, to name a few. Today, he consults with small to medium-sized business owners to help get them to the next level. Throughout his journey, he held onto his father's sage advice, "You Have To Work For Yourself, No One Is Ever Going To Pay You What You're Worth!" In our interview, John shares how his father's advice and others he gained over the years have helped shape his journey. Some of the topics covered:Is This Guy Ever Going To Figure Out Who He Wants To Be When He Grows Up?Everybody Who's Successful Loves To Tell Their Story - LISTEN!Defining SuccessWIIFM - What's In It For Me?Your Health Is Your Most Valuable PossessionCharity Work Should Be Charity Work!Good Business Is About Having EthicsPayroll Risk ManagementJohn's Golden NuggetsSmall Business Is The Foundation of FreedomJohn's Wish Board of AdvisorsThe StatueJohn's Podcast: "I'm Calling HR" is available on his YouTube Channel at John Tenney - YouTubeWebsites:EmployerNomicsPEO Pros
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