45 minutes | Nov 28, 2020

EP.01 - Maintaining Company Culture & Core Values

In this episode, I interview Christina & Scott Beckett of USA Roller Chain & Sprockets on the role core values play in maintaining their company culture as they scale their family-owned organization. Lots of great advice shared from two well-respected entrepreneurs as we cover topics such as:Knowing the who, what, where, when, and why.Setting clear expectations to avoid mutual mystification.Realizing that not every prospect will be a good fit.Sticking to your core values and never negotiating with non-negotiables.Always telling the customer the truth.Building skills through cross-training.Constantly rehearsing, reviewing, and revising your processes.Leaving your work at work.Being moldable and willing to embrace change.Identifying and learning from the golden nuggets in every situation.Being excited for people and showing appreciation.Having an attitude of gratitude.
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