36 minutes | Mar 31, 2021

Episode 46: Ultraviolet Clearance - GMing Paranoia

This week, we talk about the GMing style built into Paranoia and the effect it has on gameplay. Thanks for listening to Dungeons and Drama Nerds. While you’re here, please consider donating to continue the fight against dangerous anti-trans legislation in Arkansas: https://www.intransitive.org/donate  Dungeons + Drama Nerds is produced by Todd Brian Backus, Percy Hornak, and Nick Orvis, and is mixed and edited by Anthony Sertel Dean. Saving 73 Jpegs I desperately Need, our Paranoia Campaign, is written and GMed by Ben Ferber and Features Todd Brian Backus as Squik-R-BDE-002, Kory Flores as A111iiE111Eee-R-V1olence-3, Mieko Gavia as QWERTY-R-ABC-3, and Romana Isabella as Edward-R-NRV-02.  Find us on Twitter and Instagram @dndramanerds, and on Facebook at Dungeons and Drama Nerds. For cast bios, head to our website, dungeonsanddramanerds.com. Tune in next week as we continue Saving 73 Jpegs I Desperately Need!
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