104 minutes | Aug 16, 2021

Episode 48: D*mn that River

Abel, Filnyr and Ionas journey down the river with Felipe Madamba to clear the path for the imminent Monterran warships heading to Waters' End. Felipe takes issue with their tactics and tries to add his personal style to their plan, despite the added risk.   Dad References: War Never Changes  Snidely Whiplash  Charlie Chaplin  Apocalypse Now  REO Speedwagon  Dam that River    Special Thanks: Bryan Weiss at RPG & CO. Stop by and check out his stuff!   Check us out on Patreon: patreon.com/dungeondads   Get some Dungeon Dads Merch: Dungeon Dads Store on TeePublic   Join the Conversation: On Facebook On Twitter On Reddit   Episode Page: dungeondads.com/episode48  
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