87 minutes | May 28, 2019

9: His Name is LINGAR BEWT???

SORRY THIS EPISODE IS LATE SOMETIMES YOU HAVE A BAD WEEK AND THEN THINGS CONTINUE TO HAPPEN IS HOMESTUCK DUNE? IS DUNE A GESAMTKUNSTWERK? IS DUNE THE PERFECT POKERAP? IS DUNE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE? IS PRIDE AND PREJUDICE THE FUCKING BEST? ALL QUESTIONS WE DON'T ANSWER ON DUNEIVERSITY! APART FROM THE LAST ONE, THE ANSWER IS YES! This episode we are joined by Kavita Poduri @yrgirlkv! She knows about video games. We don't, so we learn a lot this episode. She joins us for the dinner that is the culmination of all bitchiness, everybody is playing 5-dimensional chess and having a Bad Time. Jessica is awesome, Paul is precocious, Leto is thinking real hard about death. Everyone else sucks apart from Kynes. We drink from our tall flagons. This episode contains mentions of animal cruelty when we talk about the Dishes of Dune, mention of eye parasites during Worm of the Week. Stay safe! Email us at duneiversity@gmail.com and tell us we are handsome This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
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