67 minutes | May 13, 2019

8: Liet Kynes Respecting Juice

THE KYNES RESPECTERS HAVE LOGGED ON!!!! OUR SINCEREST APOLOGIES FOR NOT READING THE BOOK ALL THE WAY THROUGH BEFORE DOING A PODCAST ABOUT IT, DON'T @ US! WHO SINGS MËLISSA'S PLACE? WHAT ARE ALL THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SAND? WHO'S LIET? ALL QUESTIONS WE DON'T ANSWER ON DUNEIVERSITY! On this episode, it's a mad world. All around us are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out places. Paul realises his daddy is a person with flaws, Kynes refuses to properly address a Duke, the myth lingers in his words and thoughts, and a spice carrier gets swallowed by a big old worm. Please email us at duniversity@gmail.com ! This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
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