91 minutes | Mar 2, 2021

School of Block with Lea Black

This week, Julie & Brandy were all raged up with nowhere to go, so they invited famed Bravo Housewife, and legendary Miami socialite, Lea Black, to a meeting in the Ladies Room. The girls chopped up a lot of topics in the Ladies Room, but there was one smelly elephant, swirling around the toilet, that just wouldn’t flush: the Republican party. For the second week in a row, Republicans continued to ignore the fact that half of their rotted party has gangrene, and they will die if it’s not amputated, immediately. Instead, they did the only thing they know how to do: they mercilessly prioritized power over progress, and danced like desperate douchebags for Trump. Most of this episode sucks, but (like life), it gets a much needed pick-me-up in the Ladies Room, proving that even though Julie & Brandy are a hot mess of inarticulate hate, it doesn’t matter, because luckily, the incomparable Lea Black is never at a loss for words.


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