97 minutes | May 4, 2021

Justice Mapping School with Eric Cadora

This week, Julie got knee replacement surgery, so the girls spend half the episode in an opioid fever dream. Luckily, community justice expert (and all-around cool mother-f*cker) Eric Cadora zoomed by *PRE-SURGERY* to teach Julie & Brandy about the importance of ‘Justice Mapping’ as it relates to racial equity and police reform in America. It’s a crucial lesson, taught by an accomplished man, sandwiched between the ramblings of two dumb, gay dirtbags. And if you make it all the way until the end, you’ll know why this episode is serving: Justice with a Side of Ranch.  ****************************************************************************************************************************** Subscribe to our Patreon Podcast! https://www.patreon.com/dumbgaypolitics ******* Check out our website! https://www.julieandbrandy.com ***** DEALS FROM OUR SPONSORS!*** NATIVE DEODORANT:  Get 20% off your first order at NativeDeo.com/DGP (or use code DGP at checkout) ****** UNCOMMON GOODS:  Get 15% off your next gift. Go to uncommongoods.com/dumbgay*** LUCY NICOTINE GUM: Get 20% off your first order! Go to Lucy.Co and enter promo code DumbGay at checkout****** EVERYPLATE: Get it for $1.99 per meal plus an additional 20% off your next 2 boxes. Go to EveryPlate.com and enter promo code dumbgay199  at checkout ******** Dumb Gay Politics with Julie & Brandy **** Julie Goldman **** Brandy Howard **** Julie and Brandy *** The People's Couch *** DGP *** Gay Podcast *** Political Podcast *** Lesbian *** Bravo *** Starburns Audio Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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