97 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

Hot Psaki with a Side of Karine

The podcast is late this week, because Julie & Brandy honored America’s fallen soldiers on Memorial Day by doing what they do best: getting drunk. Emotions are high, and the hangover is real, so after a quick recap of the work Kamala Harris is doing in the Northern Triangle to help stem the flow of immigration at the Southern Border, the girls take an extra-long lunch with some extra-large shots of Hot Psaki. And while the hair of the dog might have made their hangovers better, the only way to make this episode better is to get completely drunk before listening to it. Bottoms up!  ****************************************************************************************************************************** Subscribe to our Patreon Podcast! https://www.patreon.com/dumbgaypolitics ******* Check out our website! https://www.julieandbrandy.com ***** DEALS FROM OUR SPONSORS!*** NATIVE DEODORANT:  Get 20% off your first order at NativeDeo.com/DGP (or use code DGP at checkout) ****** HELLO TUSHY BIDET: Get 10% off your first order. Go to HelloTushy.com/DumbGay ****** UNCOMMON GOODS: Get 15% off your next gift. Go to uncommongoods.com/dumbgay ****** MAGIC SPOON CEREAL: Get free shipping when you order the Variety Pack! Go to www.magicspoon.com/dumbgay (put the Variety Pack in your cart) and enter promo code dumbgay at checkout ******** Dumb Gay Politics with Julie & Brandy **** Julie Goldman **** Brandy Howard **** Julie and Brandy *** The People's Couch *** DGP *** Gay Podcast *** Political Podcast *** Lesbian *** Bravo *** Starburns Audio  **** Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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