103 minutes | Apr 21, 2021

4/20 & 9/11

For the second week in a row, the podcast is late, because Julie & Brandy celebrated America’s most ubiquitous stoner holiday by doing what they do best: getting high and slacking off. Most of the big news of the week wasn’t political, but Joe Biden shut the game down (once again) when he announced that he would have all of American troops stationed in Afghanistan, out by September 11th. It’s another historical move by the Biden/Harris Administration that the right-wing media is choosing to ignore, so the girls punch back with a brand new segment recapping the week in republican propaganda. It’s a rage-filled journey on cannabis covered streets, but that’s why they call this podcast “the regular weed.”****************************************************************************************************************************** Subscribe to our Patreon Podcast! https://www.patreon.com/dumbgaypolitics ******* Check out our website! https://www.julieandbrandy.com ***** DEALS FROM OUR SPONSORS!*** BETTER HELP:  Get 10% off your first month at www.BetterHelp.com/DumbGay ****** QUIP GUM: Get free plastic dispenser with any refill plan. Go to GetQuip.com/DGPolitics*** HELLO TUSHY BIDET: Get 10% off your first order. Go to HelloTushy.com/DumbGay ****** PROSE HAIR CARE: Get 15% off your first order. Go to Prose.com/DumbGay***** Dumb Gay Politics with Julie & Brandy **** Julie Goldman **** Brandy Howard **** Julie and Brandy *** The People's Couch *** DGP *** Gay Podcast *** Political Podcast *** Lesbian *** Bravo *** Starburns Audio  **** Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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