37 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

Identity Inventory with Watts Dantzler

Episode 28: Identity Inventory with Watts DantzlerOn this episode we talk with Watts Dantzler,  a 6-8, former Offensive Tackle for the University of Georgia and NFL prospect for the Jacksonville Jaguars. At the peak of his football career his weight was over 350-pounds but the now 240-pound Dantzler runs Ultramarathons. Dantzler walks us through his life growing up, building his identity around football and future highs that he would achieve that most only dream of. But just like any good story with highs, there are also challenges and lows. Sometimes your path in life can change in an instant like it did for Dantzler one day on a Jacksonville Jaguars practice field. Dantzler opens up about these challenges and how he took an inventory of his life...he took a look at his mental health and physical health. He knew that he needed to make some changes to get away from identifying as a football player and find his new mission, his new identity as a man. After taking inventory his his health, Dantzler went on a kick to lose more than 100 pounds. He also caught the running bug...but not the 5k kind...the marathon and ultramarathon kind! Dantzler, living in Atlanta, recently completed the 100-mile Georgia Jewel ultramarathon that starts and finishes at the Dalton Convention Center and is the longest-standing 100-mile race in the state and includes more than 13,000 feet of elevation on the challenging Pinhoti Trail.Dantzler's goals are not only to live a healthy and active lifestyle but also to  be used by God to inspire other dudes. Give this episode a listen and be inspired to do more and be better. Also, checkout Joiya products as Dantzler endorses them and is an avid believer in their results as an athlete. https://joiya.life/Additionally, check out Alter Ego Running at http://alteregorunning.com/ for some great hats, apparel and more. Use code RICH20 for 20% off. Make sure to listen on your preferred podcasting platform, and check out the video on YouTube Check us out on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, GooglePlay and YouTubeMusic 🎶 by Austin Pillsbury with Musician Makers 
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