53 minutes | Oct 2, 2020

Hildervat: The Ultimate Viking Warrior OCR

Episode 16 :: Hildervat: The Ultimate Viking Warrior OCRA wise man once said, "the obstacle is the way," and "what stands in the way becomes the way." As one of the fastest growing sports, Obstacle Course Racing is making athletes around the globe feel like victorious warriors. Maybe you're like the Dudeologists who get bored running in a straight line, maybe you're 4-minute mile guy who revels in competition, maybe you're an OCR junkie or maybe your'e just having a hard time just getting off the couch. The reality is that 2020 has hit the OCR world hard and it's disappointing that so many races have been cancelled, BUT, there is one race, one opportunity to get better, stronger, tougher. It's called The HILDERVAT!Our guest, Dan Woods, talks about his early years as a rescue swimmer in the Navy, training and becoming a triathlete and ultimately his journey into and love for Obstacle Course Racing. All of these things in Dan's life, including challenges and real life obstacles has led him to this very moment when his dream will become a reality; His very own OCR // The HILDERVAT! HILDERVAT was born out of Dan's absolute love and obsession of obstacle course racing. You may be thinking, "What is a Hildervat?" You'll have to listen to the show to find out.  What we can tell you is that the Hildervat OCR promises 15+ obstacles over a 5k distance. The Dudeologist also discuss the evolution of the modern man and comforts of society that allow us to be lazy. Don't give yourself the luxury of an excuse. Time to look that comfort zone in the face and challenge yourself to get better. The HILDERVAT OCR may be just what you need to get out of the funk, conquer your fears, crush some goals and grow in confidence with a renewed passion for every aspect of your life. Turn 2020's trials into victory. Boost your confidence and prove to yourself that you can survive any battle, on the course and in life! Don't beat around the bush and wait until you're shape to sign up. Just do it!When: October 24th 2020Registration: www.hildervat.comLocation: 75 1st Street North Jax Beach, FL 32250Approx. 5K distance15+ ObstaclesElite Men Wave 7:30AMElite Women Wave: 7:45AMOpen Division Waves: 8:00AM - 2:00PMFour Person Relay Event Wave: 10:00AM - 11:00AMCome join the party and find your inner Viking Warrior...and maybe even win some prize money! Jax Beach also boasts of many beachfront hotels, restaurants, bars (our favorite, The Really Good Beer Stop) and night life. Mentions: Ryan Woods - https://twitter.com/rjwoodsyGett Itt Core Fitness - The premier OCR training center in NE FL - https://gett-ittcorefitness.com/Class Axe Throwing - https://www.classaxethrowing.com/jacksonville/The Obstacle is the Way - https://www.amazon.com/Obstacle-Way-Timeless-Turning-Triumph/dp/1591846358RiverBend CBD - https://riverbendcbd.com/shop/Check us out on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, GooglePlay and YouTubeMusic 🎶 by Jacob ManningReally Good Beer Stop Jacksonville Beach's ultimate craft beer store and tasting room
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