47 minutes | Feb 2, 2021

Big Data, Bitcoin and Going Off The Grid

Episode 24: Big Data, Bitcoin and Going Off The GridOn this episode, our guest, Jeremiah Rogers, a data scientist, bitcoin enthusiast, photographer, and world traveler joins us on the show. We talk with Jeremiah a little bit about his day job as a Data Scientist in a world of Big Data in Silicon Valley and his time at companies like Facebook, etc. and then transition into the world of cryptocurrency...specifically Bitcoin!Bitcoin...you probably have lots of questions just like the Dudeologists! The good news for all dudes listening to this show is that our guest has been a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2013 and is ready to fill you in. For most regular dudes like us, you are probably wondering...What is it? How does it work? How do I buy/sell it? If you have ever wondered about the cryptocurrency world, this is the episode for you so take a break from your wallstreetbets, gamestop mania and short squeeze convos and find out how Bitcoin is soon to be golds new rival! Will you be in the Bitcoin game when breaks out to the moon? Lastly, we talk about how Jeremiah about his travels to East Asia and his passion for photography. He was also part of a great project called A Rivers Tale documenting the Mekong River. https://www.amazon.com/Rivers-Tale-Year-Mekong/dp/0375705597You won't want to miss this episode. Also, make sure you check out Alter Ego Running at http://alteregorunning.com/ for some great hats, apparel and more. Use code RICH20 for 20% off. Make sure to listen on your preferred podcasting platform, and check out the video on YouTube Check us out on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, GooglePlay and YouTubeMusic 🎶 by Austin Pillsbury with Musician Makers 
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