52 minutes | Sep 16, 2019

William Strong: Resources and Testing Mix

Returning guest William Strong comes in hot in this episode, planning to discuss resources for self-learning before quickly getting sidetracked by his two favorite hosts.  Then we talk about when Will utilizes testing before getting into a Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter vs Game of Throne debate, some book recommendations, and a little music talk.  Obviously we end up pondering the emotional damage device addiction can have before shaming Tiffany about not knowing Jack White by name.  The Hook King has returned! Tristan Harris Ted Talk: https://youtu.be/C74amJRp730 Center For Humane Technology: https://humanetech.com/ Will's favorite White Stripes song: https://youtu.be/yqS5T2PgDDo Will's favorite site: https://www.tolkienestate.com/en/home.html
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