38 minutes | Sep 9, 2019

William Candillon Mix

This week, William Candillon pops in the duck pond to discuss React Native gestures and animations.  We talk about the differences between handling the two in vanilla React Native vs using the popular declarative libraries react-native-gesture-handler and react-native-reanimated.  Will convinces us to go back on our initial denouncing of Expo before discussing his popular YouTube series "Can It Be Done In React Native?" Follow William on twitter: @wcandillon Check out his YouTube series: https://www.youtube.com/user/wcandill Check out his awesome new course for declarative gestures and animations in RN: https://start-react-native.dev/ Will's favorite artist: https://youtu.be/rE7GU7SLguo 4°C = 39.2°F everyone.  Too cold for your average duck I'm afraid.
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