44 minutes | Nov 25, 2019

React Native, FastLane, and PWAs with Gant Laborde

This week, fan-favorite Gant Laborde comes around to discuss his work at Infinite Red using React Native and Native development, Progressive Web Apps and what they aim to solve, and organizing Chain React Conf in Portland.  We also get into our Cocoa pods gripes, how Fastlane is amazing after you go through the pains of it's setup, and how to effectively create a workplace playlist that makes everyone happy (not, it's not as simple as shuffling Weezer's first two albums and early B-sides...). Follow Gant on Twitter: @GantLaborde React Native Fastlane tutorials: https://shift.infinite.red/simple-react-native-ios-releases-4c28bb53a97b https://shift.infinite.red/simple-react-native-android-releases-319dc5e29605 AI tutorial: https://academy.infinite.red/p/ai-demystified-free-5-day-mini-course Plug DJ for workplace community radio: https://plug.dj/
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