12 minutes | Feb 9, 2020

Quick Quack: GraphQL Codegen in a monorepo

This episode is the quickest of the quackest.  Hear about smashing lego trucks from a young Haupenthal, get a pretty high-level overview of an awesome library called Graphql-Codgen and how I use it in a monorepo with Typescript projects, and get a silly opinion on the Yarn 2 meltdowns. Graphql Codgen: https://github.com/dotansimha/graphql-code-generator Yarn 2: https://dev.to/arcanis/introducing-yarn-2-4eh1 Great article on Yarn 2 vs 1 vs NPM from the folks at Infinite Red: https://shift.infinite.red/yarn-1-vs-yarn-2-vs-npm-a69ccf0229cd Great video on Yarn 2 from Ben Awad: https://youtu.be/bPae4Z8BFt8 Cowboy by The Rumble Strips: https://youtu.be/wmIVu622zRM
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