50 minutes | Sep 30, 2019

Laurence Bradford Mix

This week, Laurence Bradford flies in from the East Coast for a dip in the cool, calm waters of the duck pond.  We talk about her inspiration for creating her online community at Learn To Code With Me, and discuss why she chose to leave her career in Economic Development in Bangkok to pursue the a life of coding, teaching, and more teaching in New York.  Check out learntocodewith.me, especially if you're nervous about transitioning into the tech field! Follow Laurence on Instagram and Twitter! Check out Learn To Code With.Me! Here is a pretty sad country song: Chris Stapleton - Whiskey And You Here's a soul-crusher of a country song: Little Big Town - Girl Crush And here's a cheerful one so you can get on with your day: Cory Branan - Yeah So What
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