67 minutes | Apr 28, 2021

51: Just Go Blind In That Eye

Suzanne is the good 1980s parent in this episode of Dubland as she sends her kids out into nature for a "base" of sunburn. At least she's not lathering them in carrot oil and giving them "tanning pills". PJ browned himself as he cycled out to Howth for a paddle and a beer. Suzanne has been vaccinated and though she's been excited about getting it for months, she now talks about the battle between excitement and nerves over getting it. It takes a while to get the vaccine because loads of Annes are having the chats.  If a bulb goes in PJ's house he just learns to live in the dark. The banks are open, PJ is thinking about mortgages and he talks about falling between two stools being too old or too young for most things. He can't go to singles events but he could go on holidays like a domestic cat.  He also looks like someone drew a face on a balloon. "I don't like the look of that", says his doctor. PJ gives Suzanne a Spanish lesson over her pronunciation of her lendy car. There's also judgy people, calculated risks, half-dead (and then actually dead) pigeons, Suzanne's first visit to a farm, scary dogs and Suzanne grammatically setting up her kids for a lifetime of bullying. It's classic Dubland stuff, get it #inurearsThere's also loads of great bonus episodes for members now. You'll hear about the ten meals in a day challenge, some listener reviews, the Boxing Story retold, some Would You Rather questions and loads more, support the show by becoming a member here!
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