41 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

48: Trying To Be A Conscientious Idiot

There is dog excrement everywhere and Mr. Poo, formerly known as PJ Gallagher is ready to talk about it and he might even make the odd complaint about this new excrement covered world we inhabit. He's also done with burgers and both he and Suzanne are too old for spice bags. They talk about the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy, the Artane Boys' Band and the overwhelming desire for a bomb scare when you were in school. It rates highly among the excuses to get out of work, which are listed in this episode. There's the peace process and forgotten Irish hero Alan McLoughlin, it's another episode of Dubland and it's all here!There's also loads of great bonus episodes for members now. You'll hear about the ten meals in a day challenge, some listener reviews, the Boxing Story retold, some Would You Rather questions and loads more, support the show by becoming a member here!
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