39 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

47: I Admire Your Energy

This week on Dubland PJ is starting a new job so obviously everything is terrible. The Dublanders don't want to be negative Nellies, but somehow it might be happening anyway. Suzanne went on the Pat Kenny show to demonstrate the fact. She is joining PJ as a Covid Crank. Anyway, that's all the morbid stuff out of the way. Suzanne and PJ then go on to planning their funerals. The podcast should become a sort of document, which anyone who survives Suzanne and PJ should listen to when it comes to their rites etc. There's talk about organs and "he would have loved this", and of course PJ's unique burial plans. PJ would also like more elbows thank you very much. Oh and he's like to discuss that square flap in the back of old timey pajamas. There's also the inaugural "We Can't Fix Your Life" in which Suzanne and PJ answer your questions!It's Dubland, go and enjoy it.There's also loads of great bonus episodes for members now. You'll hear about the ten meals in a day challenge, some listener reviews, the Boxing Story retold, some Would You Rather questions and loads more, support the show by becoming a member here!
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