53 minutes | Feb 24, 2021

45: Everything In My Life Is Financially Impossible

Straight into the action this week on Dubland with pie charts, right angles, pizza and the globally diminishing ability to be able to tell the time. St. Anthony is on the lookout for Suzanne's AirPods and PJ tells us about his waxy ears and burning "water" in a list of pains and grievances that Suzanne, the mother of three, wouldn't understand. PJ is going to get into a helicopter with a pilot who loves golf jumpers and is convinced PJ is someone other than PJ. Suzanne discovers micro-happiness and tells us about it by explaining her anger and making everyone furious in the process. She was, however, giddy with her McDonald's in bed and titillating pornographic Whatsapp chats with her pals. PJ's mortgage woes rear their head again while Suzanne talks about buys spare homes. There's a hero of the week and Suzanne doing some of PJ's life admin. There are golf bats, Bitcoin and loads more. It's Dubland, what do you expect? support the show at HeadStuff+ and get more content just for you lovely members!
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