68 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

44: Hope Is A Leaky Roof

Dubland begins this week with a slightly more conventional plug for HeadStuff+ (the new membership platform on which you can become a member and support this podcast!) Then it gets down to more conventional Dubland topics, if the word conventional could ever be associated with this podcast. They talk about mass collections and PJ as an altar boy who was in it for the cash. There's Dead Dad Day which is an annual thing for Suzanne. Giving stuff up for Lent and the various cheats people use for those difficult 40 days. A vicious argument over whether UK chocolate and Irish chocolate are the same (results to be announced on a future episode) - Easter Egg chocolate makes an appearance here too. Suzanne breaks down the three possible catalysts for her "hormotional" state and asks the unwilling PJ to help diagnose her. There's some vaccine rollout talk and the return of PJ's victorious Stockdale position. There's a four year old who last week was like an old man, and now has anxiety. There's Valentine's Day talk and (you might want to skip this bit) PJ's potatoey throat hair.Look, it's Dubland, support the show at HeadStuff+ and get more content just for you lovely members!
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