72 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

43: Sponging Ewes

Dubland is back! And now you can support the show by becoming a member of HeadStuff+, just go to HeadStuffPodcasts.com/register and choose Dubland as the show to support, this will help us keep making the show and get better and better! In the meantime, this episode is as chaotic as you'd like for a return to Dubland. Prodcuer Alan asks them to plug HeadStuff+ at the top, which leads Suzanne and PJ to talking about Sweet Valley High for about ten minutes. Of course. Then Suzanne gets out of the religious commune she was apparently living in all this time as she discovers there is porn on the internet. There is romantic porn and the revelation that hair is bad manners. Suzanne's family has grown since the last episode and now her life is all minecraft, barbies and her daughter as an old man. Luckily PJ has some homeschooling tips for her. They talk about Covid Christmas - PJ's best Christmas ever. Suzanne's midwife talks about PJ during the main event. There's an Animal Fact and PJ sees a cow for the first time (it surprises him), look it's Dubland, it doesn't always have to make sense - get it #inurears.Remember, become a member of HeadStuff+ to support Dubland!
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