47 minutes | Oct 13, 2020

39: If You Unplug The Fridge, You Can Still Eat The Ham Tomorrow

Suzanne gives PJ a present because he was texting her about the end of the world. He drowned his sorrows in all the whisky. Suzanne is cranky, fed up with people. Phil the DPD driver is the only good one left. PJ was involved in a car crash. We learn about teaspoon fulls of babies. And, related, we learn about vasectomies. PJ's pal gives the doctor the wrong sample. Men are a much simpler system. People are pass-remarkable about Suzanne's belly.  There's talk about family and adoption and all sorts of stuff, sure look, it's Dubland, get it #inurears. Go buy a t-shirt and enjoy Dubland.This episode is sponsored by The UX Design Institute.
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