52 minutes | Aug 11, 2020

32: A Bed Is a Scam. Nobody Needs A Bed.

This week there’s a gift from a fan, two gifts in fact. Difficult for PJ, who “hates owning things”. He’s clearing out his house but has gone a bit Marie Kondo, or maybe he’s just lost it. He doesn’t want to own anything - no need for a bed, or a table, sure just eat off your lap. Suzanne has strong feelings about not eating at a table. She’s less upset then you’d imagine about turning 40, though. There’s talk of botox. 

The chat moves on to pregnancy and the miracle of modern ultrasound scans, before things get very off topic on the relative merits of Cadbury’s chocolate and the problems with ordering a pint of milk. The episode finishes up with some outrage directed at Dublin GAA over the price of watching matches online.... and the wonders of Senekot.

Now, go buy a t-shirt and enjoy Dubland. This episode is sponsored by The UX Design Institute.  




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