22 minutes | Oct 21st 2019

Sober-Curious Criticism, Dealcoholized Wine, and More

Matt and Marisa talk about the sudden appearance of new “sober months” in the calendar, and some surprising backlash to sober-curiosity and Sober October that has come up from a… suspicious source? Are we being too cynical? Not cynical enough?

Discussed this episode:

4 Reasons the ‘Sober Curious’ Movement Could Harm People Living With Addiction

American Addiction Centres (and punting on rehab success rates)

Canadian Health Recovery Centre (for-profit)

Dealcoholized wine discussed:

St-Regis Cabaret Sauvignon

We didn’t have a good picture for this week, so we’re featuring our cat, Sir Digby Chicken Caesar, named from the greatest sketch comedy show of all time.

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