2 minutes | Oct 17th 2019

Welcome to Drunk Medical Stories

Are YOU growing tired of the podcasts in your line up? Maybe you’re looking for funny anecdotes to share at the water cooler. Or perhaps you just want to learn about a cocktail or two.Then do we have a podcast for you!

Come listen to Drunk Medical Stories! A podcast where two women, Who definitely aren’t doctors, Discuss wild medical stories, While drinking medicinal beverages of the boozy variety.

We offer hilarity in the form of outlandish medical tales, from strange foreign bodies, to the ridiculous treatments of the past.

Come join us by listening to our inaugural episode, Rectum Ralph, coming soon!

Available on a podcast app near you!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/@dmspod
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Drunk Medical Stories Podcast
Email: dmspodcast@yahoo.com

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