26 minutes | Aug 12, 2018

S3 E6: Helensson's Bob Shepard, creator of Headcaster

Digital technology presented an electronic drumming future made more convenient, lighter weight, and cheaper; and that’s where the market went. But for a smaller group of e-drummers, analog was still what they wanted. The industry moved on, and it created opportunities for people like Bob Shepard, an electrical and radio frequency tech in the telecomm industry by day, and reverse engineering Synare circuitry in his free time. And he kept building them until retirement, when he started his company, Helensson.Bob isn’t some luddite analog purist unwilling to look forward. Despite starting out emulating obsolete technology, he’s embraced digital percussion with quite possibly the most flexible, capable trigger on the market. And he’s become one of the most forward-looking music-product designers today with his latest product, Headcaster, which debuted at Summer NAMM. This brilliant reverse projector can display lyrics, sheet music, and more, in crisp detail on your rack tom’s batter head, and it’s powered by an Android device complete with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and all the latest digital consumer technology.You can learn more about Bob and his company, Helensson, at helensson.com, and facebook.com/HelenssonLLC.Drum Showroom is a production of Podcraft. Create a great podcast, faster and easier, at podcraft.us.
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