23 minutes | Jul 29, 2018

S3 E5 Pro Drum Tech (and Drum Showroom's own) Nate Testa

This week we're thrilled to turn the spotlight on one of our own, Nate Testa. An aspiring drum nerd from Kissimmee, FL, Nate runs social media for Drum Showroom and has built his new brand, Snare Geek to share his passion. Recently, Nate got the call he’d been praying for: the opportunity to participate on a national tour as a professional drum tech!Nate is on tour with Blake Whiteley, teching for drummer Austin Ware and also running sound at Front of House. We talk foundations, lessons learned, Nate's love of the art of teardown, his favorite tools, stories from the road, the best thing he's eaten on tour, and more!You can connect with and learn more about Nate Testa at testabeatdrums.com. His Instagrams are instagram.com/testabeatdrums and instagram.com/officialsnaregeek, and his Facebook pages are facebook.com/TestaBeatDrums and facebook.com/officialsnaregeek.Drum Showroom is a production of Podcraft.Have you ever considered starting a podcast? Because people connect to the human voice more deeply than the written word (or overproduced and expensive video), businesses that podcast have a competitive advantage in their marketplace.Create a great podcast, faster and easier, at podcraft.us.
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