21 minutes | Jul 15, 2018

S3 E4 REMIX!!! INDe Drum Lab founder Josh Allen

In Season One, one of your favorite episodes was the one with Josh Allen, founder of INDe Drum Lab. So we’ve decided to remix it and make it more digestible. Let us know what you think at drumshowroom.com. Josh decided that staying at Ludwig was holding him back from creating something that was truly his due to the brand’s amazing history and lineage. He wanted more of a clean slate from which to create.Despite his corporate management and design expertise, at his core, Josh is a builder. He thinks in solutions to problems that take form as physical products. And he’s not unwilling to be honest with himself about where needs to work the hardest.There’s a section of the INDe site at INDedrum.com titled, “Tech, Design and Nerdery.” I couldn’t think of a more fitting headline for talking shop with Josh. It got very geeky. If you love the nuts and bolts of drums, you’re really going to enjoy Josh Allen’s design philosophy.Josh’s comes from an industrial design background. Industrial designers focus on the physical embodiment of the design. What does it look like? What is it made out of? What does it feel like in the hand? By contrast, mechanical engineers think in terms of function. How does this thing work? I enjoyed talking to Josh because he can talk like both an industrial designer, which is is by education, but also as a mechanical designer.One of the things many drum companies focus on in their marketing is their bearing edges. And Josh has a really succinct, clear way of talking about the function and variables that matter in bearing-edge design.What I think impressed me the most in talking with Josh is how he is just a systems thinker. He’s not just thinking about the systems that make up a great drum, but he’s also engineering a great drum ownership experience through INDe’s business model.Learn more about Josh and INDe Drum Lab at INDedrum.com.Drum Showroom is a production of Podcraft. Create a great podcast, faster and easier, at podcraft.us.
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