30 minutes | Jul 9, 2018

S3 E3 Tackle Instrument founder Scott McPherson

Chances are, you’ve seen a recent influx of classic-looking waxed canvas and leather-trimmed stick bags, cymbal bags, and other thoughtful accessories in your drum shop or Instagram feed. Maybe you first noticed Carter MacLean or Mike Johnston using them. Or maybe you saw them in Steve Maxwell’s fine shops in New York and Chicago. In any case, it feels like everywhere you go, you see Tackle Instrument Supply Company’s wares.You probably know the name, but you might not know that behind Tackle is a professional touring drummer named Scott McPherson. Scott came out of Portland, and now lives and operates Tackle from Minneapolis. Scott has built long-term playing relationships with Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, She & Him, Beck and many others. And when Scott came through Asheville with the “Him” of She & Him, M. Ward, he sat down for breakfast and some conversation that I really enjoyed.And in case you’re not aware, Tackle produces some things you’re probably familiar with, like stick bags and cymbal bags; accessories like bass drum hoop protectors, impact patches, and cymbal sizzlers; and also a third category of unique problem solvers that only could come from the mind of somebody who has dedicated themself to the craft of performance at the drums. Tackle’s Gig Pouch, Gig Pocket, Shop Rag, leather cymbal washers, and other items all help drummers with the problems they face performing, setting up, and moving their drums.Thanks to Green Sage Cafe for letting us sit and record… and thanks to this week’s audio producer, Ben Etter, for cleaning and processing the background noise! Here’s Scott McPherson of Tackle Instrument, and this is Drum Showroom.I want to thank Scott McPherson for being so generous with his time. Not only did we talk for literally a couple of hours, but we also hung out for lunch and checked out some antiques, and then he invited my wife and me to see him perform that night at Asheville’s famous Orange Peel rock club with M Ward. Scott’s a no-nonsense player with superb musicality, selflessness, and tone for days. He sounded great.You can learn more about Tackle Instrument at tackleinstrument.com and tackle_instrument on Instagram.This episode was produced by Ben Etter with social media by Nate Testa. Drum Showroom is a production of Podcraft. Create a great podcast, faster and easier, at podcraft.us.
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