17 minutes | Jul 1, 2018

S3 E2 Drum Showroom at Summer NAMM with Garrett Hawkins

Welcome to the special Summer NAMM 2018 edition of Drum Showroom. Twice a year, NAMM, the musical instrument industry trade organization, holds trade shows at which manufacturers display their latest instruments.And as the only drum gear-specific podcast among the more-than half-a-million shows, we HAD to be there! So we sent Drum Showroom reporter, Garrett Hawkins, to get the scoop.In this episode: new gear from Alesis, Yamaha, Ergosonic, Fat Hoops, Cooper Grooves, Pearl, Sonor, British Drum Co., Impression, Samsung, JBC, Drum Dots, Nice Company Japan, Beatbox, and Headcaster.A word of full disclosure: I worked for Alesis as product manager several years ago, but didn’t give Garrett any direction on what to include in his report, and none of the companies featured in this coverage compensated us in any way.
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