30 minutes | Feb 18, 2018

S2 E4: Cymbalsmith Ray Byrne of Byrne Cymbals and A&F Collaborator

Have you ever played a totally custom, hand-hammered, handmade cymbal? Maybe you’ve experienced one of those holy grail old Ks made in Turkey. Or perhaps you’ve played a Spizzichino, a Bettis, or a Lauritzen. If these names aren’t familiar to you – and there’s a good chance they’re not – stay tuned because everything you think you know about what cymbals can be, is about to change.Ray Byrne is a different type of personality than I’ve ever had on Drum Showroom. He speaks with the language of an artist, devoid of salesmanship and look-at-me marketing. This matter-of-fact style of speaking made him a joy to talk to and a pleasure to edit.More at drumshowroom.com
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