36 minutes | Apr 9, 2018

S2 E11: The Drum Heads Podcast's Daniel Stevens

This week’s show focuses on somebody I think of as a member of the Drum Podcasting Mount Rushmore. Someone who’s been speaking to the drumming community since all the way back in 2014, and has amassed an audience of more than 67,400 on Instagram. That’s a lot of drummers!Daniel Stevens started The Drum Heads Podcast after a back injury kept him from being able to play the drums, resulting in Daniel finding himself depressed. He used podcasting as a way to connect to people. And for four years, it worked. Until it didn’t.On May 8th, Daniel posted on The Drum Heads’ Instagram: “Hey guys, Unfortunately, I’m going to be taking a temporary hiatus from The Drum Heads Podcast. To be 100% straight up honest with you guys it can’t do it right now. Between being a husband, a father of 4, working 50 plus weeks and trying to produce a show. I’m completely burnt out. I’m beginning to lose my joy for drums & drumming. I never want to lose my passion for being a drummer. Drumming & Podcasting was my happy place but lately, it has slowly turned into something I dread and it’s beginning to impact my family life & my mental health. So with that being said the show is going to have to go on hiatus until I can get everything figured out.”This kind of message takes courage and vulnerability for anyone to share, and Daniel was very open about his challenges. I want to thank Daniel for being open and honest about the challenges he and his show are facing. In our age of curated social media presentation of ourselves, we often sand off the warts and show other people only the good parts. Daniel is courageous in sharing about his mental health and I want to encourage anyone who’s listening: if you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, don’t suffer alone.We have plenty of resources where you can start a conversation. Reach out. We are a community, and we take care of each other. It can be tough to start these conversations but you’ll be glad you did.More at drumshowroom.com
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