77 minutes | Nov 8, 2020

Episode 42: Bruckner Chase - Endurance Ocean Athlete & Protector

Today’s guest is Bruckner Chase. Bruckner is an internationally recognized ocean advocate and professional waterman. He’s also an accomplished ultra-endurance athlete whose athletic career spans the most challenging events in water and on land. His 25-mile swim across Monterey Bay in 2010 launched both the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and his own career committed to moving others to sustainable action that benefits our oceans. Prior to this commitment to bettering our oceans, Bruckner was a corporate executive who worked in international project and brand development for companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch and West Marine. Today, as founder and President of the Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive non-profit, him and his team designs, develops and implements innovative and inspiring ocean adventures and programs that connect individuals and communities around the world to our oceans. His work has taken him all over the world from the Jersey Shore to Poland and the American Samoa. In this interview, we get into how he’s adjusted to the pandemic, how he went from almost drowning twice as a kid to becoming a passionate ocean advocate, his 25-mile Monterey Bay swim, and the awesome work he does with his non-profit.


00:02:32 How he's been adjusting to the pandemic

00:11:11 Relooking at the "why" behind your training

00:12:40 Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee

00:17:30 Finding his passion for the ocean

00:20:50 His corporate career

00:24:41 Deciding to leave the corporate world

00:25:26 His 25-mile Monterey Bay swim

00:35:03 His meditation practice

00:39:05 Biggest takeaways from his 25-mile swim

00:41:06 Surf lifesaving sports

00:47:58 His work with his foundation

00:52:55 NOAA Agency

00:57:31 His work in the American Samoa

01:02:18 Biggest misconceptions around ocean safety

01:07:38 What does it mean to be a waterman?

01:08:45 Ultimate vision for his non-profit

01:10:37 His daily routine

01:12:42 His driving force

01:14:33 Words of wisdom around taking care of our oceans

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