124 minutes | Nov 23, 2016


The Presidential elections come at a perfect time. While the country seems so divided it is hard not to be thankful in our blessed nation. Particularly when Thanksgiving comes around. We fight and complain about a lot of things. Yet, Thanksgiving gives us pause. Time off from work. Time to collect our thoughts about the year we've had and what is to come. Time to spend with our family and friends. Thanksgiving is a blessed time whether you believe in God or not. Our founders created Thanksgiving as a time to reflect on our lives and our relationship with Almighty God. But the idea was for all of us to express out thankfulness however we see fit. While there are many who may not be thankful about our opportunities, at the Drive Time Happy Hour we are very thankful for what has been bestowed upon us. Join us as we celebrate freedom in America for this beloved holiday known as Thanksgiving. This show features plenty of goofing off, unsuccessful attempts at prank calls, poignant content and overall DTHH banter between PC and Buddha. It is so worth it!
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