112 minutes | Apr 21, 2017


The world seems to be on a collision course with destiny. That destiny is the new sitcom scheduled for shooting this summer in Ocala Florida - Kung Pao Boom. The story of an Indian Deli shop and convenience store owner who is reminiscent of Archie Bunker. This is a passion project for the two morons on the DTHH. Follow the show on Facebook to get information about casting and production. In other news the protestors are getting more aggressively weak. It is like a huge community of Larpers coming out of their mother's basements to wreak havoc on the pinatas they've been making all year. They are even pissing off the janitor at Berkley by stealing the rolling dumpster. Someone has to track that thing down. Lord knows that these peace loving and environmentally friendly idiots aren't using it for their trash. Russia is getting pushy, sex scandals, booze, beavers and a fabulous poop story! Check it out and leave commentary.
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