49 minutes | Jun 15, 2016

Drinks With Arctic Monkeys | Ep. 6

The sixth Drinks With podcast has Skip and Timshel Matheny of the band Roman Candle, backstage at Marathon Music works in Nashville talking with Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys / Last of the Shadow Puppets. They chat about what went into both the songwriting and recording of their globally acclaimed record A.M. As well as the differences between bourbon and tequila, Lou Reed's Transformer, and trying to make drum sounds that sound like 60's technicolor. They also introduce a new segment of Drinks With called "Listening Room," where they ask which songs or records were particularly influential to an artist's writing process. For more on this episode, check out the show notes at http://www.drinkswith.net/portfolio/podcast-ep-6-arctic-monkeys/ Oringally published at PASTEmagazine.com   more at drinkswith.net
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