65 minutes | Jul 24, 2019

Episode 8 - Mark & Gus

Welcome to the eighth episode of ‘Drink Naked’. You’re about to meet a team whose catchcry could well be “All for one and one for all!” Gus & Swan Altschwager and Mark & Emma Kenneally - are collaboratively four passionate individuals that make up a truly remarkable winemaking fraternity. A true collaboration that taps into a vast wealth of winemaking experience in both New Zealand and Australia. In this episode you’ll hear how this fantastic foursome all the way from Marlborough in New Zealand via Mt Gambier on the Limestone Coast of South Australia and McLaren Vale in South Australia have traversed vast distances, and countries, to source only the highest quality, sustainably grown fruit, in their quest to craft the finest regionally specific wines possible and to be able to leave corporate winemaking far behind. 4 Friends, 3 Regions, 2 Countries and 1 Courageous Dream being lived to the fullest...
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