48 minutes | Jul 22nd 2020

Ep. 42 - Kim Sturdavant of Pacifica Brewery

Remember the Brut IPA? It was, for a shining moment, seemingly the hottest beer style in the country and then it went away.

The brewer credited with the style is Kim Sturdavant and he is our guest on the show today. From its origins, to its evolution ,and eventual death we cover the life cycle of a style.

What does the future hold for the style? Well, Sturdavant who is working at Pacifica Brewing does not currently have one on his board. So, that has to mean something.

Sturdavant spoke to the show from California.

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  • Host: John Holl
  • Guest: Kim Sturdavant
  • Tags: Beer, Craft Beer, California, COVID-19,  Helles, Brut IPA, Styles, San Francisco 

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